"the best service I have ever purchased"
"Cindy, You really do rock... I am very happy with this service, this is definitely the best service I have ever purchased and has already proven to be a great asset to my business :-)

I have already had several projects completed by Cindy, and I have to say everytime she knocks a project out for me it always ends up being a work of art master piece"
Justin Richards
Dear Online Marketer,

Hi, I’m Dan Ramsay, I’d like to welcome you to your next secret weapon, “72 Hour Graphics!!”

Listen, if you are looking for slick, dazzling web graphics… and you are someone who ALWAYS wants a steady supply of new web graphics for all your projects and advertising… then you have just stumbled upon the mecca of top web graphics!

You see, most top marketers and online business people realize the one thing they always need is “web graphics”… and they also realize these web graphics need to be SUPER TOP QUALITY!!

Let’s face it, you likely understand that your Internet presence is everything… you probably realize that web graphics increases your conversions… makes you stand out… earns you more money… gives your products and “positioning” a real boost… etc.

You probably realize that you cannot live without top quality web graphics… and be a successful online business owner, right?

Look, I’ll go as far as saying the following:
Let me let you in on a little secret… “Presentation is everything in marketing!”

A lot of newbie marketers do not realize that yet. They do not realize the power of positioning and presentation. The better you look, the better you sell. The better your stuff looks, the more money you make and the more you get passed around to other prospects and customers!

What’s the saying we’ve all heard? “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words!”… well, what about pictures and graphics with unlimited revisions? Even better huh!?

I don’t think I need to convince you too much here… it’s common sense how critical web graphics are to your business and your advertising & marketing. I think you get that.

Therefore, let me just say this right here and right now…
Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Working With Us:
  Lightning fast turn-around-time! (We are fast!)
  Top Customer Care (we take great care of you!)
  Unlimited Revisions (we will get the job done right!)
  CUSTOM specifications
  No hidden fees or any mumbo-jumbo to worry about
  No contracts of any kind (contracts are lame)
  You get the PSD files!!
  You can secretly use us for your own customers and clients (we remain invisible to your customers)
Have you ever hired or outsourced graphics to anyone? It can be a real pain, and often is a pain. More times than not, the artist you hired skips out on you leaving you with having to scramble to find a replacement at the last second… which crushes your productivity, time, energy and quality (they skimp on quality because of being in a rush to fix whatever the last so-called artist did). Been there before??

You can rely on us to be there for you each and every time, consistently, without pain and without struggle, without frustrations, without delays or excuses… without any of the problems that come with hiring individual graphic artists to handle each individual project you have (ouch, what a pain that would be!)

You. Can. Depend. On. Us.
Actually, to most of our clients, saving time is the most beneficial benefit of doing business with us, but saving money is also a HUGE benefit for most of our clients… and we certainly SAVE YOU MONEY, big time!

I mean…

(A) You’d have to go hire an individual artist, which can be quite expensive. Most want $25-45 per hour and they often just sit there and waste your time while the meter is running. They delay, delay, delay and delay some more just to buy time because they are lazily wasting your time. What would normally be a simple, quick, ‘graphic project’ -- if we were doing it for you, ends up being an expensive-time-sucking hassle when most freelance artists you’d hire, do it for you.

(B) They will need stock photos, which is another opportunity to charge you more. (not with us)

(C) Revisions will normally cost you more with them (not us!) and I could go on and on.

We save you tons of money and loads of time, period. Plus, we are proven and have been doing this for 4 years now!
Listen, you should take advantage of this while it’s right here in front of you because I can tell you, there’s not many services like this anywhere… and not one of this caliber for sure.

I mean, this is a service created by marketers for marketers. It’s a business created by small business owners just like YOU! We are not designers who decided to create a design firm, we are business owners who always need graphics (just like you) and we decided to solve the problem for ourselves first!

You should jump on this right now, reserve your spot in this service and get busy letting us create attractive web graphics for you left and right. Let us be your go to graphics firm right now! Let us knock your socks off with tremendous customer care. Let us show you what we can do! You’ll be amazed!
This is like having your own graphic art employee without all the headaches, taxes, payroll, sick leave, management, etc. We handle all of that and our artists are top of the line. We are not some hacks you’ll find floating around the Internet offering up fake portfolios they did not even design themselves, we are the real deal and WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

I don’t know, this sells itself, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s just common sense right?

Listen, if this service sounds good to you, then you should hear this: “Your dedicated artist’s job is to make sure you are as happy as can be (and then some)”… yet we are not an “individual”, we are a full-blown company with a solid reputation online. We are not going to jeopardize that.
"I was so frustrated"
"I was so frustrated trying to find the right graphics for my sites and squeeze pages. This was simply something I never should have done myself because I ended up wasting too much of my time and it simply wasn't cost effective for me."

Now..."I work with Cindy from 72 Hour Graphics and she was both responsive to my requests and talented in her design work."

"It's like having my own in-house graphic design department" and this has "helped me create better looking products and get them to market more quickly!"
Andrew Finkelstein
"I love the service"
"Before finding your service..."Any time I had to have a graphic done, I had to wait, and search and couldn't find anyone who could do it the way I wanted. But 72 Hour Graphics worked with us, through several transformations of logos and banners and sites. I am now able to get my websites up 3 times faster than in the past.  More sites, more blogs, more email contacts, more sales"..."I love the service"
Carol Gino
"she can read my mind"
In the past it was hard...."to get good web graphics in a reasonable time frame and without going broke"

But then I found Cindy from 72 Hour Graphics..."Cindy is amazing. I love her designs. It's as if she can read my mind (I'm not terribly good at telling her what to do but she gets it right almost all of the time, and mostly, she far exceeds my expectations. Also, I now know that I'll get my graphics quickly"

"I was able to create new graphics for PLR stuff and for web pages that I got as part of other products, which helped my sales. And Cindy also created great Wordpress headers and ecovers for me that I've been using extensively for lead generation, and the results are great"
Elisabeth Kuhn
"It frees up my time"
"I was always frusterated with..."Time spent searching for and/or creating graphics." Now working with 72 Hour Graphics..."It frees up my time"..."and now I am able to take a few things off of my plate and focus elsewhere"
Loralyn Lafferty
"generate more reveune"
Before..."Most of my frustrations centered around designers promising, but not delivering"

"I was fortunate enough to work with Cindy. She was organized and never bit off more than she could chew. My projects were delivered to me as promised each and every time"

"I didn't have to get my creative juices flowing because Cindy took care of everything. I could focus several projects ahead without having to worry about the details of design work"

This has helped me..."be more productive and create more products and thusly generate more reveune"

"If you know anything about me you know that I don't make recommendations lightly and I only make them for products and services that I personally use and have found to be exceptional. 72 Hour Graphics represents a great investment in your increased productivity and profitability"
Tony Spann
We are not some fake name online who hides behind the Internet… we are a full blown firm with a lot to lose, so we make sure (without a shadow of a doubt) that you are more than happy! How awesome is that??

You literally, click a few buttons, fill out a quick form and you are done, we handle the rest and get to work right away and we guarantee a fast turn-around! Our backend admin system allows you to easily get all this stuff done with a few clicks of your mouse!

We are the ones who do the heavy lifting. You quickly submit your project and get back doing whatever it was you were doing. Get an idea, boom! Click a few buttons and presto! You got amazingly attractive graphics very quickly!

  Join Now
  Login to our private and secure system and click a few buttons.
  We get working right away and have the first draft back to you within 72 hours!!
Yes, and not only will we have your first draft back that fast… we will perform UNLIMITED REVISIONS!!

We will work until your designs fit your specifications and you’re 100% thrilled!! All revisions are back within 24 hours!!

Now that’s smoking hot service right there!
Look, this is a manual labor service we provide here, it’s not some digital eBook. Therefore, we **must** limit how many we accept into this program. We often have a waiting list here instead of a “join now” button.

So Listen, If you see a “Join Now” button and it’s live right now, boy-oh-boy, you should click it right now and reserve your spot!! I’m very serious. You want to get in on this while you can.
As you can imagine, a service like this is in a pretty high demand - as a smart internet marketer you will realize that - we are offering an unlimited amount of CUSTOM DESIGNED sites for less than our rivals charge for ONE SITE...

So as you can see the demand for our service will be intense...
unfortunately, we don't have the time to design for hundreds of people, so spots are limited and we WILL be closing the doors at soon as we get the next few members...

This isn't some marketing ploy where we say you only get the bonuses if you buy by midnight tonight - this is a case of our design studio not being able to cope with too many members and still offer the customer service we take pride in... So, if you're interested and there is a Buy Button below...you better reserve a spot now!

Q.   What is the turn around time for a project?

A.   We will have a first draft of your design back to you within 72 hours.  Once you approve the first draft we will complete the design and send you all of the required files within 24 hours!

     *     *     *

Q.   Are there any hidden fees?

A.   Nope.  Your ONLY cost is the flat monthly fee of $297.

    *     *     *

Q.   Is there any contracts or do I have to remain a member for a certain period of time?

A.   Nope.  You can cancel at ANYTIME and ANY designs you have created are yours to keep.  No strings attached!

    *     *     *

Q.   Is there a limit of how many projects I can submit?

A.   You can submit as many projects as you can during the month...However you can only submit and have a maximum of 2 active project requests at any given time.  In other-words if you have 2 projects being activley designed, then the system will not allow you to submit a new request until one of the projects is marked as complete.  If you have 1 project request actively being designed, then you have 1 open slot to submit a 2nd request.  Hopefully that makes sense :)

     *     *     *

Q.   Do I receive the original .PSD files of the designs you create for me?

A.   YES!  Unlike other designers that hold your PSD files hostage...we give you the original .PSD files of your designs.

     *     *     *

Q.   Can I secretly use you to create web graphics for my own clients?

A.   YES!  Infact we encourage it!  We will even supply you with a Turn-key website where you can sell our web graphic services....You collect and keep 100% of the money...When you recieve an order...you simply submit the project to us...and have us secretly design the project behind the scenes for YOUR customer!

     *     *     *